The Lincoln Project

History of The Lincoln Project

Chris Small gave his first presentation as Mr. Lincoln in 1997. He officially founded The Lincoln Project in 2003. Chris has a graduate degree in Communication, with a specialty in Interpretation & Performance Studies, and has directed Playback Theatre, Bibliodrama, and Boal-based Sociodrama. He has formerly served as a university lecturer and a Christian minister. Chris is a member of the Abraham Lincoln Association, the Association of Lincoln Presenters, the Lincoln Forum, the Andrew Johnson Heritage Association, the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association; and may be found on the National Registry of Living Historians.

The Lincoln Project Mission

• Encourage interest in and study of Abraham Lincoln, his era, and his legacy
• Make Abraham Lincoln more accessible to the general public through living historiography, print, film, and other media
• Further the academic and professional studies of Lincoln Presentation
• Promote the high moral standards and values for which Abraham Lincoln is renowned
• In the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, provide services and materials that will benefit others and support the mission of The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project Values

By presenting Lincoln's story, The Lincoln Project can inspire values such as:

• Patriotism
• Learning from history
• Love of all kinds of learning
• Moral and honest living
• Reliance in the Divine plan
• Inclusion, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness
• Diligence in work - in order to better oneself and to serve others

The Lincoln Project Slogan

"Bringing Lincoln to Life"

• The Lincoln Project shows Abraham Lincoln as he lived, through living historiography and other means
• The Lincoln Project brings the principles and values of Lincoln to the lives of each client and audience, encouraging them to apply those same timeless character traits today