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  • “Abraham Lincoln’s Faith” DVD
  • “Lincoln and Emancipation” DVD

Abraham Lincoln’s Faith DVD

No President ever faced a crisis like Abraham Lincoln: a Civil War pitting brother against brother and costing America more lives than all her other wars combined. In the midst of tragic personal loss and threatened extinction of the national Union, where would our greatest leader turn? Not long before his assassination, Lincoln told journalist Noah Brooks: “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go.”

The sixteenth President’s spiritual journey was not an easy one. It is almost impossible to classify his faith by any standard measure, yet in Abraham Lincoln’s own speeches and writings, a deep and growing faith shines through like a bright light in a very dark land.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S FAITH features Chris Small in a dramatic narrative which follows Lincoln from his mother’s knee to the explosive and faith-affirming words of his Second Inaugural Address.

Lincoln and Emancipation DVD

“Mary, I was losing interest in politics, but this has aroused me again!”

Expansion of slavery is the explosive issue that draws Springfield lawyer Abraham Lincoln back into the political scene. Our founding fathers, he claims, sought to contain slavery so it would die out. But now, in the 1850s, it appears that slavery may overrun the entire country.

“If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. I cannot remember when I did not so think and feel.”

After his debates with Stephen Douglas make Abraham Lincoln’s name nationally known, he is sent to Washington D.C. as the sixteenth President of the United States . . . whose unity is already unraveling with secession. Finally Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation and urges passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. Liberty has come, but at what price?

LINCOLN & EMANCIPATION features Chris Small in a dramatic narrative which explores Lincoln’s own words regarding slavery and freedom.

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